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4 Easy Architectural Details To Add To Your Home

Higher priced homes are filled with beautiful archways, columns and architectural details, however most first time home buyers end up in the boring boxed look.  If you’re buying or selling one of these homes there are easy ways to spruce it up and add more details.  When selling it will give you the edge over other homes in your area.   Many of these projects can be done yourself with minimal skill and money.

Especially if you have a Spanish or Mediterranean home, an archway will add drama and elegance.  You can get a prefabricated 4-foot Model B poplar elliptical-archway kit from CurveMakers to make the job easier.  While I wouldn’t recommend this for a first time project, an experienced handyman should be able to tackle the task.

Crown Molding
With many beautiful options available adding the simple touch of crown molding to a room creates an elegance not found in most lower price, boxy home.  Make a more dramatic look by using an accent color to separate the walls and ceiling or a complimentary color to add the illusion of height to a room.  If you want a less traditional look add the crown molding to doorways or above cabinets.

Ceiling Beams
Ceiling beams can be added to any ceiling and come in a wide variety of styles, from rustic worm-holed wooden beams to sleek and modern metal designs.  You can also paint your beams for a different look.  Ceiling beams are also great places to install recessed lighting fixtures or hide wiring from a home theater system.  Exposed ceiling beams make a space with a high ceiling feel more welcoming.

Panel Molding
Plain walls can easily be dressed up by creating panels with strips of molding. Home improvement stores even sell picture frame molding ready for pain and nailing in place.  Just be sure to measure twice before finalizing any decisions.  It’s a great way to add class and a touch of interest to foyers, living rooms, family rooms or bedrooms.

If you’ve bought a boring home, you can find fun ways to spruce it up and make it your own.  If you are selling a home and need an edge any of these ideas could be just what you need.  For information or advice on home improvements for selling call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email

Helen Oliveri4 Easy Architectural Details To Add To Your Home