4 Ways to Keep your Bathroom Remodel on Schedule

How to work with your professional to meet or beat deadlines.


Double sinks, walk-in showers, mosaic tiles, oversized tubs, radiant floor heat, and storage, storage, storage. These are just some of the defining attributes that can turn that outdated and cramped bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and escape. The choices can get overwhelming, but with just a little planning, harnessing that excitement into a detailed schedule will help keep your bathroom remodel on time and get you into that serene space as quickly as possible. According to Remodeling Magazine, the National average costs for a bathroom remodel range from $16,128 for a conservative renovation up to $51,347 for a more opulent design. Either way you go, the recouped cost at resale is well over 50%, making a bathroom remodel well worth the investment. But it’s hard to know where to start, what to be concerned with, and how to stick to a remodeling itinerary. Here are three things you and your renovation pro can do together to keep your bathroom remodel on schedule.

1. Be prepared before you begin

From obtaining permits, disconnecting water, gas, and electrical lines, to even securing a dumpster and setting up a protected dust zone, doing the prep work will make your bathroom remodel less hectic and will help keep your project on schedule. One of the first items that is an essential part of your preparation work is knowing exactly how long it will take to obtain the proper permits for your renovation. Permit costs and lead times vary based on the scope of your project and your geographical location. Your contractor should know exactly which permits you need to apply for after you’ve agreed on the design of your remodel.

2. Sync your calendars

A bathroom remodel can take 2 – 3 weeks depending on the size and scope of work. However, there are other aspects to consider when scheduling out your timeline. Demolition, rebuilding, and mechanical rerouting all require the coordination of multiple parties for your bathroom contractor. Your builder might experience an influx of jobs while trying to complete yours, so it’s important for you to do your research and know when the busy time of year for remodels occurs in your area. Knowing this ahead of time will help you understand why your bathroom project might take six weeks instead of three. Before the remodeling project begins, have your professional create a work back schedule. This is a general timeline of what projects will happen when – like when the electrician will arrive, when the drywall will be installed, etc. It should note major holidays and procurement time as well. Regularly checking in on a weekly basis with your pro will help ensure that the schedule is being followed or if issues are causing delays.

3. Know the lead times

If your ideal bathroom remodel includes exotic materials or products from overseas, be prepared to have longer lead times. Materials like zebra wood cabinetry, imported marble tile, or a customized free-standing wood bathtub may require longer lead times than, say, maple cabinets, granite countertops and a whirlpool jetted tub. Not only may the procurement time be longer, installing these items may take more time as well. Specialized equipment or materials generally involve a specialty professional, who may charge more for their services. Working with a home decor professional is the best thing you can do to find out how long it will take to make or receive certain selections for your bathroom design. Believe it or not, your taste may dictate your schedule.

4. Expect the unexpected

Another major upset with scheduling your bathroom remodel can be the weather. Harsh storms and winds can halt a project and delay completion by days, weeks, or even months depending on the severity. Getting your materials can become a nightmare if the truck or ship carrying your goods is stuck due to weather, and your contractor and subcontractors’ work can be impeded if the weather doesn’t cooperate. If you live in an area where seasonal storms can be a problem, it’s a good idea to try to plan around them before you begin demolition of your bathroom. You don’t want to be left without this small, but very important room in your home.

l-master-bathLooking for a design pro to help remodel your bathroom? Find a contractor near you to help out with the prep, demo and lead times for your powder room-turned-spa retreat.