The Top 3 Things Buyers Should Beware of Doing

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new home, however it can be intimidating or even dreadful for some people. The key is to  make the process as painless as possible.  The truth is, that you could be causing a lot of your problems.  Sure, no one finds contracts fun and it can feel like you’re signing your life away, but keep these things in mind while going through the process to make getting your new home a great experience.

  1. Don’t be close-minded – Sure you want the best possible house with all the amenities. However, there’s a difference between want and need. It’s not always easy to see the potential in a property.  With repainting or a little work can make a lower price gem into the home you always wanted.  Don’t dismiss something because it’s not “perfect”, especially if you can save some money.  You may be surprised.
  2.   Don’t disrespect the seller – You can easily disrespect the seller with a low-ball offer, being to picky, or unrealistic in negotiations.  Everybody wants to get a good deal, but if you undercut the asking price too much, you could insult the seller. If you’re to picky and make unreasonable requests, the seller may decide you’re just not worth working with on the sale in favor of one who is easier to work with.  Imagine you are selling the house and if the offer you are making on this house, the one they have spent years caring for, would offend you.  If it would, then it’s time to change the offer before you make it.
  3. Don’t drag your feet – Properties go under contract every day.  Real estate is an ever changing market.  If you take to much time to think about a house or make a decision, you could end up in a bidding war or worse yet – have it already be sold. This includes your paperwork as well.  When dealing with these types of real estate contracts, a missed deadline can result in closing delays or even cause a deal to fall through.

When it comes to buying a home, hassles can be lessened.  The best way to ease any pains involved in the real estate process, it’s important to have a good agent on your side and heed their advice.  For more information or to get a buyer’s agent working for you, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].