4 Cheap, Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

With summer starting we can’t wait to get out and enjoy a good bbq, sitting by the pool or watching the kids run through the backyard.  Sunny days and warm nights allow us to rejoice in the outdoors, but the annoyance of those pesky little buggers can dampen the joy.  You can buy smelly bug spray or citronella candles and fumigate your yard to dissuade the mosquitoes, but the scent and effects can be negative for some people.  Try these tips instead.

  1. Plant a Garden – Several plants and herbs are known to repel mosquitoes.  These include lemongrass, lavender, marigolds, basil, and even catnip (although if you’re in a neighborhood with a lot strays you may want to skip that one or attract a different problem).    Remember that you need to plant them where they will be effective.  You can’t expect the plants at the front of the house to help on your backyard patio.
  2. DIY Traps – You can make an effective mosquito trap with a plastic soda bottle by cutting off the top and filling it with a mix of hot water, brown sugar and active dry yeast.  Insert the top upside-down like a filter and hang from a tree.
  3. Burning Dry Coffee Grounds – This may sound crazy, but mosquitoes hate the smell of coffee grounds.  Instead of tossing them, leave the out to dry.  When you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors, but the coffee grounds and the smoke will keep the mosquitoes at bay.
  4. Change Your Smell – Dabbing vanilla extract on your pulse points has been said to make you to sweet for the insects. Creamy baby oil can also be used to repel mosquitos and won’t smell horrible.

Between West Niles and now the Zika Virus mosquitoes are quite the pest.  Now you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort with these tricks.