A Guide To Grilling Safety

Are you loving the summer sun?  It’s certainly that time.  Going to the beach, warm days and outdoor cooking are some of the best summer activities.  But like any amount of fun, caution and safety should be a priority.  If you’re in a multi-unit building grilling may not even be allowed due to the concerns with balcony heights and distance.  Use these tips to keep your home and family safe.

  •  Read the instructions.  I know it seems like common sense, but make sure you put the grill together properly by double checking the instructions.  If you miss something, it could cause big problems.
  • Never grill indoors.  Make sure you have proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide and room to avoid any stray embers that don’t want to stay put.
  • Make sure the grill is still and sturdy so it doesn’t tip over.  Make sure pets and kids don’t play where they can knock it over.
  • Use proper equipment.  Make sure you have long enough equipment to protect your hands and be sure your clothes can’t accidentally fall into the flames
  • Be ready to extinguish the fire if need be.  If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, keep a hose or bucket of water nearby.
  • Keep a grill pad or splatter mat under the grill.  Heat resistant pads placed beneath the grill are usually made of lightweight composite cement or plastic and will protect your deck or patio from any grease that misses the drip pan.

Whether your cooking burgers, brats, steaks or kabobs enjoy tasty treats safely this summer.  For more tips and tricks about enjoying your home and keeping it at top value, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].