Don’t Wait For The Spring Market

This is the time of year when people start contacting real estate agents to get ready for the spring market.  It’s anticipated to take months to prepare and get ready for that big sale.  However most real estate agents are always ready to go, and we’ve seen houses go on the market within days of meeting with Helen. The big question is…. Why wait for the spring market?  Here’s some of the top reasons you need to get a jump on the market and list right now.

Buyers are out 24/7.  The reason the spring market has been big is a throw back from the days when you had to literally walk the neighborhoods to search for houses for sale.  Today, over 90% of buyers start their search online.  This means that the online focus needs to be strong, but when someone is interested they will happily schedule a tour and drive over regardless of the season.

Lead the herd –  Why follow all the sheep and be packed in with everyone else when the spring market hits?  It’s time to get in front of the competition and stand out.  This is the time of year when inventory is low causing buyers to be captive audiences for any houses on the market.

Buyers abound –  The end of the year often brings family events, financial activities and discussions about gifting for tax implications. Conversations about inheritances and taxes, money and home ownership seem to occur at many families’ holiday dinners.  Additionally, at year’s end, people take stock of their incomes, find out about work bonuses, and start thinking about whether they want to spend another year renting. Buyers start to take a second look at the tax implications of home ownership, too.  This means that buyers are starting to come out of the woodwork earlier than the spring market.

Bonuses without consequences – The main reason no one wants to sell in the winter is that you don’t want to move in the winter.  Frequently the buyers feel the same thing.  If you are flexible you can probably agree on a spring closing date, so  you get all the perks of selling early without the consequences of moving in winter.  Sure your house may not look as good in the winter, but buyers know that.  If it’s a big concern they will ask to see some photos of the house from the warmer weather months, so you have nothing to lose.

Every situation and house is different.  To find out what’s best for you and your family, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 for a free consultation or email [email protected].