Fall Projects To Avoid Winter Repairs

We’ve hit the fall season.  That means shorter days, a crisp chill in the air, and winter is coming.  It’s the time of apple picking, pumpkins and harvests.  It’s also a good time to finish up those summer projects and prepare for the colder season ahead.  A little care now can save you on needing winter repairs.  Here’s a list of projects that you should plan to take care of in the upcoming weeks.

Check the roof Inclement weather gives your roof a beating throughout the year. After a summer of rain and heat, you should check it for leaks and other damage. If you don’t address those concerns before potential hail or snow, you could run into much larger problems, and you don’t want snow and ice caving in your roof or damaging your attic.

Clean and inspect the guttersThey could be harboring leaves and other debris from storms, winds and pests. Use your rake or hose to clear them for the winter moisture ahead. Look for any signs of damage that may cause a leak. Leaks can damage your siding and lead to the potential need for roof repairs in the winter.

Touch up the exterior paint Depending on the type of siding you have, there’s a chance it needs a touch-up. Vinyl and wood siding, in particular, are prone to peeling and chipping in excess heat and inclement weather conditions. To kick up your curb appeal and keep your siding in top condition, take some time over a weekend to address these issues with a paintbrush. 

Test your outdoor lights – It’s only going to get darker and darker for a while.  Plan for the dark nights ahead by checking to make sure  your outdoor lights are working with new bulbs.  Check to see if there are areas you need to add light to keep you and your family safe as well.

Winterize the lawn – Even though it will be covered in snow, there are some things you can do to keep your lawn healthy through winter so it will require less replenishment in the spring.  Rake the leaves, aerate the soil and fertilize the grass and shrubs.  For the best results hire a professional who will have all the equipment and know how to make sure it’s beautiful when the weather gets warmer again.

Check your heating – Ask any handy man and they’ll tell you after the first chill they get hundreds of calls for repairs.  You could end up waiting in the cold for someone to arrive to fix your furnace if you wait to check that it works.   Your user manual will also have some tips on the maintenance that should be performed if you don’t want to call out a professional.

Clean the fireplaceFor those nights when you want a fire, it’s important to have a clean and working fireplace. If you used the fireplace last year, there’s going to be soot, burnt wood and creosote in the chimney. You need to have it all cleaned up to reduce the potential for a house fire. Then, you’ll need to have the fireplace and chimney inspected by a professional for any potential damage. You don’t want an accidental house fire because you didn’t take proper preventative measures.