Getting In the Head Of A Buyer

Selling your house is competitive.  Every seller on the market wants the best price and is pulling from the same pool of buyers in the neighborhood.  How do you get the competitive edge? You need to get in the head of your target audience… the buyer!  When you figure out what they are thinking and looking for, you’ll know how to stage and market our home to get the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Let’s be honest, the biggest factor that a buyer considers is the price.  Buyer’s won’t even look at houses that are out of their price range.  They tend to set up searches in price ranges of $10,000 – $50,000 increments, such as $400,000 – $450,000. If you’re home is not in their range, they won’t even view it.  Overpriced homes will quickly be overlooked and eliminated without so much as a visit.

Once buyer’s find their price range, they start looking for the qualities they need in a home.  This includes the number of bedroom and baths, but primarily focuses on location.  No one wants a long commute.  Parents need the house to be in a good school district for their children.  They want to be near amenities such as shopping and restaurants.

Finally, and the deciding factor for most buyers is one big question.  Can I see myself living here?  This is where staging comes into play.  It’s not just the house that you are selling, but the lifestyle that goes with it.  Most people are not visual and something as simple as a wall painted in a color they don’t like may turn a buyer off of your home.  With more houses hitting the market every day, this could be a big advantage or disadvantage for buyers looking in your area and price range.

Now that you know how buyer’s think, it’s important to adjust your staging and marketing.  For more tips and tricks on how to turn this advantage into selling results, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].