Making Neighborhood Connections

It’s hard when you move to a new neighborhood to make fiends and become part of the community, but neighborhoods are only as good as their neighbors.  Frequently, people recognize cars more than the faces of people who live around us.  There are many benefits of knowing the neighbors though, such as security and company.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy.  Use these tips to start meeting people near your new home.

Throw a “move in” garage sale. Yes, most people have garage sales before they move in order to reduce the amount of clutter they have to pack, but garage sales draw lots of local foot traffic and present super opportunities to get to know who lives nearby.  It’s a great way to say hi to the people in the area and find out who has similar tastes.

Stroll the streets. Want to get to know and be known? Get out there on foot. A routine morning or evening walk is a perfect way to say howdy and stop for a chat. Don’t wear headphones. Be open to conversations.  Get out of your shell and be the first one to say hi if needed.

Be of service. If you have a skill you can share, offer it up to those nearby. This may be something small, like knife sharpening, or it may be a group project like power washing houses. Good deeds and shared labor build bonds.  Years ago it was common to welcome the new neighbors with a food dish or dessert.  Today with people’s food allergies and general mistrust, that’s not the best way to go about it.

Most communities have neighborhood events, so be sure to find out if any are coming up soon.  Remember, you can make friends if you go out and join the community.  For more tips and tricks on adjusting to a new area, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].