See Your House With New Eyes

You’ve decided to sell your house.  Maybe you’ve outgrown it or decided it no longer fits your needs.  Perhaps it has nothing to do with the house, but you need to move.  Regardless, you are not seeing your house in the right light.

You are not seeing your house the same way a perspective buyer will.  Most people think their home is worth more than the market value.  You see a place you’ve invested more than money into.  You’ve spent time and energy turning this into your home.  You’ve taken great care of it and maybe even purchased improvements.

A perspective buyer is not going to see any of that.  To be fair, when you buy your new house you are not going to see the work that homeowner put into the home you are thinking about buying.  That’s why it’s important to really see your house through new eyes.

You may think that you’ve kept your carpet nice, so it’s not a big deal to miss cleaning it before an open house.  But 90% of buyers can’t see the house for what it could be.  You may not even notice the sites and scents that will cause you to lose a sale.  One of the benefits of having an agent is that they will see things you may overlook.  That’s why it’s so important to heed all  of your agent’s advice.

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