5 Smells To Remove Before Listing Your Home

Everyone lives with certain smells.  Commercials have even started pointing out that we are “nose-blind” to the smells in our homes.  While most of us strive to keep a clean and lovely home we can’t overstate how important it is to make sure that you don’t just remove the bad smells, but make your home smell amazing when buyers come to see your home.  Here are the 5 most common odoriferous culprits for ruining home sales and suggestions for improving them before you list your home.

1. Pets – It’s the most common one heard about.  Fluffy may be an important part of your family, but you can’t deny that a cat or dog have caused some bad odors in  your house.  Be sure to wash the his/her bedding, litter boxes and toys.  It’s a better idea to remove those items from your house before a showing.  Don’t forget the shedding and drooling that may show up.  It’s key to stay on top of these things.  And if you have exotic animals, even if they are in cages, don’t forget that some potential buyers may be allergic or even scared of your pet.

2. Food, Smoke or Grease – We all cook, but some foods cause lingering odors more than others.  Be sure to avoid smelly foods while you are listed like sauerkraut, onions or fish.  The smell of baking cookies lasts a while, but is a common trick to make the home smell inviting to buyers.  Be sure to clean out the grease traps and burners where items could be hiding.  While I’m sure no one tries to burn food, be especially careful during this time not to walk away while cooking.

3. Stuffiness – Energy-efficiency has caused us to seal up our homes like Fort Knox.  Better insulation, caulking, and weather-stripping saves you money, but sealing off your home also causes stale air and odors to remain in the home.  Be sure to air out the house by opening a window.  Also make sure to wash or change the bedding and curtains in guest rooms.  Be sure to get rid of musty smells in little used rooms.

4. Moisture – Mold and mildew can grow anywhere dark and wet.  If you can smell that wet-dog scent, you may have a leak hiding in a wall or beneath the floorboards.  Be sure to check the basement and bathrooms as those are the most common places for this type of scent.

5. Humans – While we all do our best to keep fresh and clean, people have smells that go along with our biology.  Without mentioning specifics, be sure to keep bedrooms free of the “locker room” scent by doing laundry a little more often.  Also avoid the over-grooming smell that can go into bathrooms mixing perfumes, hairsprays, lotions and other beauty products with strong scents.

This is also a great time to start “cleaning house” with removing/replacing old items that might not have a great smell.  Be sure to wash everything down.  The rule of thumb is if you can’t remember when you washed it last, it’s time to wash it now.  For more hints and tips on making your home ready for listings, get a free in-home consultation by calling Helen today at 847.967.0022 or emailing [email protected].