Become Lucky In Real Estate

Do you feel like you need to be lucky to get ahead in real estate and boost the chance of your house selling quickly? After all, anything you can do to get ahead is a good thing, right? There are many ways that people utilize luck in real estate to turn a bigger profit in a shorter amount of time. 

Numerology: That’s right, many people utilize lucky and unlucky number to know if they should make a deal or not. Many people avoid unlucky 13, but in Chinese numerology 8 is lucky, while 4 is a number to be avoided. Followers of this superstition will actually increase an offer so the number 4 is eliminated from the deal. 

St. Joseph Statues: Legend has it that burying a small statue of the patron saint of carpenters upside down in the lawn or garden of the home and giving a daily prayer will help the home sell faster and for more money. 

The Merchant Stone: Citrine is a golden-hued crystal rumored to attract good fortune, so placing some in a decorative way is thought to bring additional luck. 

Feng Shui: The arranging of your furniture to bring good energy into your home before listing it is said to be helpful. Especially focusing on the foyer, where people will enter your home.

Smudging: The good old burning of sage to cleanse your house is also a belief that many have. It will remove all the negative energy and spirits from your home, making it brighter and more appealing to buyers. 

Preparation: The school of thought that I believe in most is the luck of preparation. Sure, there are some times luck comes into play, but being prepared and working hard is the best way to become lucky. If two similar homes hit the market at the same time and one goes under contract in 3 days, while the other one is still on the market, you can bet there is a reason! It could be priced wrong, outdated or any number of other mistakes that sellers can make. Chances are, the luck of the fast selling home is the result of the hard work and preparation by the sellers and their agent. 

While many of the superstitions probably won’t hurt a listing, taking the advice of an experienced and proven real estate agent and being prepared for a short market time will yield you the best results. If you’re thinking about getting lucky in real estate, give me a call for a free market and home evaluation.