ComEd to begin installation of Smart Meters for Hawthorn Woods homes this April

ComEd plans to install approximately 4 million smart meters in all homes and businesses across northern Illinois by the end of 2018. Installation will begin for a portion of homes in Hawthorn Woods starting this April. All residents are encouraged to watch their mail from ComEd to see if they are in the first round of installations. If you receive information from ComEd about your home receiving a smart meter, please follow their directions to receive this equipment upgrade. Another round of smart meter installations for homes in Hawthorn Woods is anticipated for the fall of 2015.

Installation of your smart meter is free. Customers with smart meters will enjoy benefits including access to electricity-usage information 24/7 and online energy management tools. For more information on smart meters, please click here or contact ComEd directly at (866) 368-8326.