Events In Our Community – Hawthorn Wood’s New Book Club

Wednesday 3/4/2015 at 6:30PM

Hawthorn Woods Village Hall
2 Lagoon Drive


The Village of Hawthorn Woods is introducing Book Nook Reading Club through a mutual partnership with Fremont Public Library. Our first book will be To Kill A Mockingbird. This new program is free for all.

Reading club leader, Peter Ponzio, will guide discussion with prepared questions you obtain prior to reading the book. Peter Ponzio is a published author, professional editor, and Hawthorn Woods resident who is donating his time at the book club. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and engage in discussion with this distinguished author.

The Book Nook Reading Club is completely free; there are no costs associated in attending meetings or borrowing books. Contact Amy at [email protected] for questions or to arrange to pick up a borrowed copy of the book and discussion questions. We look forward to many good books and good discussions with our friends at the Book Nook Reading Club.

“What a wonderful way to meet your friendly neighbors with enlightened and intellectual conversation.  I love reading and can’t wait to see what other books will be discussed in the future.”

~ Helen ~