Events in Our Community – HWCC Kids Eat Free & Dance Recital

Once Upon a Time in a Magic Kingdom

Sunday, February 8

This season our recital will feature a broad array of classic and jazz dances where princesses, fairies and enchanted jungle animals bring beautiful music, color and magic to the Golden castle and its surroundings. Students will perform to Classic pieces from the Budapest and London Philharmonic orchestras, among others. The Jazz segment will include tap dance, lyrical and pop music performances. Don’t miss out this Fairytale show! The recital will begin at 11:30am followed by our Kids Eat Free lunch buffet. Kids, ages 12 and under, can choose their favorites from our Kids Eat Free Buffet at no charge. Parents can order from our regular menu along with our evening dinner specials or save time and money with our All You Can Eat Buffet.

“This is a great way to support the children in our community.  I hope to see you there!”
~ Helen ~