Fix It Before You List It!

The real estate market is a competitive place.  It’s not enough to make sure you have curb appeal, clutter-free rooms, and the look of a model’s home, though they are very important aspects to selling your home.  Drafty windows, stale orders and cold floors are just a few of the problems that need fixing before your home hits the market if you want to get the most money in the shortest amount of time.

These types of issues may seem small, but home inspectors will use them to detect bigger problems and warn buyers of them.  It needs to be taken care of before it costs you time, money or worse, a contract falls through.

Moisture –  Mildew or musty odors may lead to moisture and potentially mold issues.  Everyday living creates moisture in the air, including showering, cooking and washing clothes.  Make sure your home has plenty of ventilation and that your clothes dryer is vented directly outside.  

Check the Exterior – Make sure the walls, floors, ceiling, roof, windows and doors prevent excess moisture from entering your home.  Fix foundation water problems and any leaks in the roof, around doors and windows, and pipes.  If the problem is in the basement, clean or replace the gutters or re-grade the ground around the house so that it slopes down away from the foundation for extreme situations.

Air Leaks –  Test your ducts for leads.  The EPA also suggests hiring a heating and cooling contractor to determine if your air-conditioning unit is sized and operating properly for adequate humidity removal.

Check the Windows – Not only can old windows lead to drafts and a cold house in the winder, but they can bring moisture with inadequate ventilation, causing condensation, frost or pools of water on the windowsill.

The EPA says you should:

  • Hire a professional to perform an evaluation with a “blower door” test. A professional can find and seal hidden air-leaks and verify that combustion appliances are operating safely.
  • Install weather stripping around doors and windows.
  • Install electrical outlet gaskets.
  • Hire a heating and cooling contractor to check for adequate and balanced air-flow from heating system duct work.
  • Check the fireplace to make sure the damper closes tight when not in use.

Once your home hits the market, potential buyers are going to get the home inspected.  Be sure to discover what they are going to find and get it fixed before the sale of your home falls through.  For more help or information on what to inspect, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].