Home Buyers Should Have Agents

85% of sellers use an agent to market and sell their homes.  Home buyers who use a real estate professional have a higher success rate as well.  In today’s market getting to the closing is complex.  Buyers face many more hurdles including stricter financing and a confusing marketplace of listed homes, for-sale-by-owner homes, foreclosures and short sales.  With current low interest rates, high inventory, and low prices you need a sales professional to help you close the deal.

A good real estate professional knows the market, has a vast network, and can give you the best advise on locating and making an offer on the perfect home.   Searching online isn’t going to get you the best homes today.  You need someone with contacts who knows what’s going to come on the market before it hits the internet to give you that edge.  Many homes are sold before the sign even hits the yard.

Here are some tips on how to work with your own agent:

  •  If you want great service, show appreciation and commitment. Get prequalified with a lender by sharing your financial records so you know exactly how much home you can buy.
  • Work with only one agent. If it’s customary in your area, sign a buyer’s representation agreement.
  • Stay in contact. If you want to look at open houses or builder homes, invite your agent to come along. If she’s not available, show your loyalty by telling the salespeople you meet that you are already represented.
  • Don’t hide pertinent information from your agent, or she will be in the dark about key issues that could impact your transaction negatively.

Finding your dream home is only half the battle.  After that begins the negotiations, loan approvals, disclosures, inspections and repairs.  Your agent will help you navigate these events and ensure that you get a better deal that goes smoothly.  Take advantage of all a real estate professional can offer in your transaction.