Which House to Chose?

There are many options in houses out there.  When you start your search you may find yourself at odds with your partner.  Maybe you each prefer a different home, or maybe you just can’t decide between two or more.  Either way, a decision must be made. Use the criteria below to help you make this decision.

The housesIf you haven’t already, you should make a list of the amenities and attributes you want your house to have. If you want that first-floor home office, a large, open back yard for the kids, or a gourmet kitchen, be sure to include that on your list. Then, rate how each house measures up to each need on your list.  Don’t forget the drawbacks. 

The neighborhoodIf the two final contenders are in different neighborhoods, evaluate the pros and cons. If you have kids and being close to a park is important, you’ll want to consider that. How close are shopping, restaurants, church, and other services? Are the streets maintained? Don’t forget the school districts and crime rates.  You’ll also want to consider the appreciation of homes in the neighborhood.  Retrieve sales of homes in those neighborhoods over the past few years. If one neighborhood shows an annual average 8 percent increase and another is skyrocketing at 15 percent, you may have your decision made.

Time on the market – If one house has been on the market for a long time, the seller will probably be more willing to take a lower offer than the asking price.  If a house is newer on the market the seller may decide to hold out for a better offer.  The risk is that you may find yourself in a market where houses fly off the market If that’s the case this will not help your decision.  Your real estate agent might also be able to dig up additional information about the sellers, like why they’re selling. If it’s a job-related move or a divorce, the sellers likely want to move as quickly as possible, meaning you have a better shot at them accepting a lower price.

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