Low Ball Offers Got You Mad?


You’ve decided to sell, researched and shopped the market for the best list price, cleaned out your house, got photos and listed your house.  You’ve had showings and open houses, and now an offer has come in.  Unfortunately, it’s not what you were expecting.

Before you decline it outright, stop and take a breath.  You want to sell your home fast, but you want what you listed it for.  You’ve put more than just money into the house, you’ve put in your time and made it a great home.  But there’s another side to this.

Look at it from the buyer’s perspective.  They want a great deal on the house, and they have the same market info that you do.  The one thing they are seeing that you aren’t is that your house is still on the market.  All the perspective buyers that came to see your house didn’t make an offer, but this person did.

Find out what issues the buyers have.  Buyer’s want new.  If you’re not willing to spend money on upgrades and fixes, why should the buyer want to?  If you’re not willing to make the upgrades, and your not willing to lower the price, your only other option is to wait for another offer that may never come. Think about how you will feel when you’re the buyer being asked to pay full listing price when there’s other houses on the market in better condition.

Set aside your pride and really look at the numbers and the offer.  Remember the goal is to sell your house, not beat the buyer.  There is room for negotiation and if you’re reasonable, the buyer will be too.  If you need more advice or help in the negotiation call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].