Luxury Means Tech

Technology is always moving forward and branching out in all different directions.  Now it’s invading real estate as well.  ERA Real Estate and HGTV reported 46 percent of consumers see smart-home technology as important for their current and future residences. But luxury home buyers are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. According to Digital Interiors, 94 percent of buyers surveyed would sacrifice 1,000 square feet of living space for more technology in their new home.  Here’s what affluent home buyers are looking for and which gadgets are must-haves.

Smart Thermostat – The Nest programs itself based on your preferences and can adjust whenever you leave to conserve energy. You can control the system right from your smartphones. Owners can warm up the living room before an evening entertaining clients. Talk about how they can jet set to their vacation home and simply check-in on their property as needed. The idea behind a smart thermostat is really about controlling the overall climate of the home as opposed to an exact temperature.

Home Security Systems – Home security systems have always dabbled in the high-tech world of smart automation. In the past, most alarms simply triggered an annoying sound and contacted the police at signs of danger. Today, home security cameras keep an eye on the inside and outside of the home with wireless cameras. A wireless camera system can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and monitored remotely. Home buyers are sure to be wowed by its sleek and discreet design. You can even be alerted when the liquor cabinet is open to help keep an eye on children and teens.Some home security companies even offer subscription-free monitoring options, yet another attractive feature for potential buyers.

Kitchen Technology – Updating a kitchen has always been a recommended way to raise a home’s price tag and attract buyers. But affluent home shoppers are looking for more than just new appliances and chef’s kitchens. The latest technology trends include no-touch faucets and smart refrigerators that can alert you when you’re running low on groceries. The LG model features an internal camera to check on its contents, built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your mobile device and offers available accessories that can be 3-D printed. Other high-tech touches like Bluetooth smart cooking thermometers tell your mobile device when your food is ready to create perfect dishes every time.

Luxury Entertainmentm theater rmJust about every home has a flat-screen television; some piped for surround sound and home theaters. Take entertaining to a new level by controlling everything from one device like Savant. You can adjust the lighting, change the channel on your smart TV and turn on music. A system like Savant can also help monitor your home’s security and adjust the climate as needed. While getting ready upstairs for an evening with friends, you can adjust the entertainment area and living room downstairs to create a luxurious atmosphere.