Pool Maintenance

Having a pool is a lot of fun, but it’s not a guarantee that it will bring you a large return.  In order to get top dollar for such a fun amenity, it requires a lot of care.  Whether you have just bought a home with a pool, are selling a home with a pool or own a pool and will sell in the future, follow these tips for the best care and maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Opening The Pool Maintenance

It’s a good idea to start the year off with a professional checkup.  An annual visit from the pool service will check all of the equipment to make sure it’s working properly, test the water and give you personal recommendations for the care you will need to take for the season.  If you chose to not have a professional, you will want to take a water sample to a pool supply company or buy a testing kit to make sure your water is balanced.  Balanced water has proper pH levels and comfortable ranges of alkalinity, dissolved solids and calcium.

Daily Maintenance

Every day you will need to use a skimmer to remove leaves, bugs and other floating debris from the pool.  Empty the skimmer baskets and filter system to keep it from getting clogged.  Check the water levels to make sure that it is above skimmer level so you don’t burn out the pump.  Water loss in pools is common through evaporation as well as normal splashing and swimming.  If your pool requires it, add a daily chlorine tablet or add chlorine to keep it sanitary.

Weekly Maintenance

Every week  you’ll want to test the pH levels to make sure your water stays balanced with a home testing kit.  You may need to vacuum your pool unless you have an automated system.  It’s never pleasant if you skip this step and having your feet touch the slimy bottom of a pool.  Use a pool cleaning brush to scrub off any dirt and scum that has accumulated at the the waterline to avoid algae buildup.  Hose down the pool deck if you have one.  Check the pool’s filter to see if the needs additional cleaning.  This will need to be done when the psi raises above normal levels.  Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper cleaning.

After Heavy Rains or Large Parties Maintenance

Every summer we tend to have at least one huge storm.  When this happens, or after a large pool party with many visitors, additional organic materials and dirt can build up and throw the water balance out of balance.  You can use a “shock” treatment to combat these issues and put the water right again.  Shock is a super-chlorination process.    Be sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions since with most treatments you will need to stay out of the water for 12-24 hours while the pH levels balance out.

Closing The Pool Maintenance

Give the pool a final cleaning before closing it down for the year.  Keep about 18 inches of water in the pool, but drain the rest.  In the winter, the freezing and thawing of the ground around the pool will exert pressure on the sides of the pool.  The water will help equalize that pressure.  Drain all of the piping and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on closing down the equipment such as pump, filter and heater.  Get a safety cover that will support the weight of a child to prevent accidental drowning.  Check the condition of gates and fences surrounding the pool for safety as well.

A well cared for pool will give you lots of fun and the hard work will be rewarding when it comes time to sell.  Not everyone wants a pool, so it’s extremely important to keep it in tip top shape, which will also save you money on repair costs.  For more tips and tricks on selling your home with a pool, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].