Preparing Your Home for an Open House

An open house is a great way to showcase your home to serious buyers. Without them, you are not going to get a sale! A great real estate agent will give you all the specifics you will need to do, but here are some key tips.

Attract the Right People

18x24OpenHouseblackleftThe best communication in today’s tech savvy world is online. Social media and websites such as Trulia or Zillow are the best way to get the word out to people. To get the right people you’ll also need to reach real estate agents. They bring the buyers in most transactions.

There are still many people who attend open houses on a whim because they saw a sign. Don’t skimp on the signs. They draw attention, which will draw traffic.

Don’t be home

Remember, they are evaluating your home for them. Buyers want anonymity when comparing homes, and if you’re there they may not be comfortable speaking freely.

If you have pets, take them with you. You don’t want a serious buyer to get turned off because there was an animal in the home. Take their items out as well. A dirty litter box is the last thing that a buyer will want to see or smell!

Take a Whiff

Speaking of smell, it is extremely important to make sure your home is smelling fresh and clean. One of the biggest turn-offs to potential buyers is a home that smells less than fresh.

While you should obviously get rid of any trash and clean out your fridge before potential buyers come by, be aware of odors that you might be used to but that newcomers to your home might find offensive. Avoid cooking onions or other strong-smelling foods in the days before prospective buyers come over. Lighting a scented candle or plugging in a new air freshener never hurts either!


Clear Out Clutter

h officeWe know you have to live in your house, but the fastest sales are made when the buyers can picture their stuff in the space. Whether you’ve got piles of clothes taking up space in the kids’ rooms or a huge collection of DVDs stockpiled around the house, it’s time to do some tidying up!

Yes, the new family that buys your home will likely add their own clutter to it, but the truth is, people like to see homes in “perfect” condition when they’re shopping.