Square Footage – Is It Really Important?

How much square footage are you looking for?  When buying a house you can’t avoid the square footage.  It’s on the listing, the mls, the appraisal, even insurers use it as an assessment.  But is it really important to you?  There are several things to consider when reviewing the square footage of a home.

Square footage isn’t always measured the same.  Real estate agents typically use interior measurements of each room, while the appraisers and tax assessors will just use exterior measurements.  Some people round numbers up, while others use exact figures.  It’s important to know how the square footage was measured before you take it into consideration.

It’s also important to remember which areas are being factored into that square footage.  Most listings don’t include enclosed porches, verandas or other outdoor living spaces.  Similarly, interior spaces such as hallways and closets may be included in those totals.  A 2-story foyer could be added in and some of that square footage could be for an area you can’t even use.   This will affect the price per square foot, which is determined by the number of square feet divided into the price of the home.

Be sure you’re asking the right questions with such a big decision as the purchase of a home.  For more tips on errors to avoid call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].