Staging Tips – Don’t Forget the Garage

Staging a home is key to getting it sold quickly for the most amount of money.  When you’re going to an interview you dress to impress, and staging a home is no different.  From the curb appeal down to the smell there’s no end to the list of items that might run off a perspective buyer.  They are going to inspect every nook and cranny, every closet and (especially in today’s market) the garage.

Garage’s aren’t just for cars anymore.  Nowadays they are used for storage, exorcize rooms, an office or a hobby area. Garage’s aren’t just an after thought anymore, but an important key point for buyers.  There are countless purposes that the extra square footage your garage provides can be used for.

Without being able to put your boxes in the closets, the garages may seem like the perfect storage space for items your cleaning out or planning on taking with you.  But if a prospective buyer can’t see the space they can feel cheated or even walk away for what they believe is a better value.  Even worse, they could try maneuvering your stuff around and break something or get hurt.  Thinking about keeping that stuff at storage or with a friend or family member if possible.  The less clutter in your house, the better it will look to prospective buyers.

You need a keen eye with knowledge of the market to properly edit and stage your house.  For more tips or to learn how to stage your home call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].