What Story Is Your Home Telling?

Showing your home is about creating a story line. Home buyers are looking for certain amenities and specifications, but they are also looking for a home that will provide them the lifestyle they desire.  The way a house is staged tells the story that buyer’s will use to determine if your home is the one they are looking for.  Use these tips to stage your home for the story a buyer is looking for.

A young couple who is interested in entertaining may be seeking an open floor plan.  However a different couple could be looking for a place to raise or grow their family.  Look at your home with fresh eyes and see what features you have that could fit into different lifestyles.  Evaluate the demographics of buyers for your home such as empty-nesters, large families, or first time buyers.  Then  you can plan your staging accordingly.

First you’ll want to complete all the basic staging steps.  Clean and declutter by picking up all the kids toys, recycling old magazines, and make sure every item has a home.  Be sure to remove those scuff marks on the walls and clear out all the dust bunnies.  The last thing that potential buyers want to see are sinks full of dishes and a bathroom full of personal grooming products.  You also need to make sure that the story you are telling is that you don’t care about the house or that it wasn’t cared for.

Next it’s time to focus on the repairs.  Holes in the walls, cabinets that don’t close, tiles that need to be regrouted all must be addressed before the home hits the market if you expect to get buyers interested.  This also includes replacing outdated wallpaper and borders.  You’ll want to give your home a face lift so buyers can see the potential and how you lived in the house.  Remember, it’s about their story, not yours.

This is the time where staging really comes into play.  Remove pictures and knick-knacks so the buyers can imagine their life in the house.  You need to remove you from the equation.  Then you can start creating the story you want to sell.  For a home that’s all about entertaining, make sure you add flowers and candles to the dining room table or even set out some china.

You don’t want your story to be to direct.  You may believe that your home’s perfect target is a family, while a prospective buyer may see that kid’s play room perfect for a craft room.  The perfect balance is one that highlights the main features of the home, while being generic enough for buyer’s to imagine any lifestyle they want in the house.

Before you list your home, think about what story you want to tell and make sure you stage your home appropriately.  For more tips and tricks on staging your home or a personalized evaluation, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].