Top 10 Problems For Home Sales

Is your house not selling?  There are many reasons that could be turning buyers away from putting in an offer on your home.   Whether you have been on the market a while or are just thinking of listing your home you’ll want to be familiar with what to avoid.  While some items may seem insignificant to you, it is important to look at each item from the view of a buyer to truly understand the magnitude of the situation.  Here is a top 10 and what you can do to resolve the issue.


10. Carpet in the Bathroom – Buyers are thinking one of two things: 1) There’s gotta be mold under there; 2) There’s gotta be pee on the floor around that toilet.  It doesn’t matter how new the carpet is.  Take it out and put down some nice tiles.  You’ll make up the cost by not lowering the price of the house.

9. Loud Dogs Who Bark Whenever Someone Approaches – There are actually a lot of people who are afraid of dogs.  Whether this is your dog or a neighbors, buyers don’t want to think about hearing that barking all day or night while they are trying to relax in their new home.  This means that it’s an instant “no” for them.  Offer to pay for doggie daycare when you have a showing or open house and be gentle when approaching your neighbor about it.  Remember, they love this dog!  But most people will be receptive and helpful, especially if it isn’t a big inconvenience for them.

8. Your Dead Lawn – Curb appeal is one of the most important things you need when selling your home.  It’s a first impression, and you want to make sure it’s a good one or you’ll lose the buyer before they ever set foot in the door.  Put down seeds or hire a landscaper to improve the situation.

7. Damage and Stains – Buyers don’t want to know where Fido made a mess or the kids spilled their juice.  They also don’t want to have to repair holes in the walls (or live with them).  You wouldn’t pay full price for a damaged item and neither will anyone else.  If you made notches in the wall for a growth chart for your children it’s a precious memory, but to the potential buyer it is damage.  Usually the cost of repairs is far less than the lowering of your list price to account for such damages.  Do the repairs and then list your home.

6. Smells – Whether it’s from a pet or garbage doesn’t really matter.  Buyers don’t want a house that smells and even though the pet may be leaving, that doesn’t mean the smell will.  There’s no guarantee for the buyer that the smell will be gone and who would want to take that kind of risk?  You may not even notice the smell, but prospective buyers will.  Give your carpet and upholstery a deep clean, hide any bedding or litter boxes before each showing and remove any messes that may have been left in the yard.  Be sure to do a complete deep clean and open windows to air out the place.

5. A Bad Agent – Some agents are not as helpful as they should be.  If your agent is: rude, uninformed, lazy, uncommunicative, belligerent, or unwilling to take your opinions into consideration, get a new one. An agent who isn’t giving their client the right type of attention probably isn’t going to get the job done.  You need the right agent to sell your home for the most money possible!

4. Bad Taste – You may love your wallpaper, but let’s face it, chances are that it’s outdated.  Many buyers don’t have any vision when it comes to decorating.  You could have their dream home, but if it’s in the wrong color they will walk away.  The best bet is to update your home with some simple, neutral decor that no one could object to.  Keep it simple and elegant and you’ll see a better result.

3. Unreasonable Sellers – Big problems in your house can be deal killers, but they can also be deal sealers, if you are reasonable. You have to remember that selling your home is a negotiation and if you aren’t willing to compromise a little bit, chances are you aren’t going to get anyone willing to take the deal.  Make sure you have an excellent negotiator on your side to work with you on letting go of the smaller aspects while keeping what is really important to you.

2. Clutter – First, no one wants to see the mess you live in.  Buyers want a house that has been well cared for.  We’re all guilty of getting a little lazy now and again and shoving things in cabinets for the moment.  Buyers will go through your cabinets and if they look cluttered the place will look smaller than it actually is.  They also want to imagine a space where their family can live.  If they are looking at your photos and decor, they can’t picture their own stuff in the space.  This is an important step for a buyer to fall in love with a home.

1. Price – If you don’t price it right, your house will not sell.  The longer it’s on the market, the less offers you will get.  Buyers are market savvy and know what similar homes are selling for.

Even if your home is not currently selling, there is still hope!  For more tips and tricks on getting more offers for your home, call Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].