Top 5 Renovation Cost Vs. Value

Thinking about new renovations?  Whether to sell or enjoy for yourself you still want a return on your investment.  That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.  Before you arbitrarily make changes, be sure you are changing the right ones.  Remodeling magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report is in with some surprising results for the Midwest region.

5. Vinyl Siding – New vinyl siding makes the house look fresh and new.  The average cost is $12,236, but the average return is $8,944.  That’s a 73.1% return.

4. Vinyl Windows –  New windows are economical and will also save you money on utilities, making it very attractive to buyers and home owners alike.  Spending $10,448 will yield an average return of $7,762 – a 74.3% return.

3. Manufactured Stone Veneer – This new feature looks beautiful and adds a remarkable amount of curb appeal.  It’ll run you about $7,189, but the return will be about 81% or $5,822.

2. Garage Door – Costing an average of $1,610 a new garage door can freshen up any home, whereas an old beaten down one can destroy your curb appeal.  The return on your investment can be as high as $1,341 or 83.3%

1. Steel Entry Door – The biggest return on your investment at 86.3% is adding a steel entry door to your home.  While it costs about $1,244 to have one installed, it will also add great curb appeal and could net you an extra $1,073.

It’s all about the curb appeal based on this list.  After all, if your house doesn’t look nice on the outside, no one is going to care what the inside looks like.  It’s the fastest way to scare away buyers when  your selling your home.  For more information on improving your home’s value contact Helen today at 847.967.0022 or email [email protected].